The Mathematical Sciences Department at Appalachian State University is pleased to bring you this searchable database for the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Newsletter.

AWM was founded in 1971 and the Newsletter began that same year. As Lenore Blum noted in A Brief History of the Association for Women in Mathematics: The Presidents' Perspectives [AMS Notices, Volume 38, No. 7, September 1991, pp. 738-774.]:

The Newsletter has since become the very embodiment of the AWM. From the start, it was our forum for discussing the role of women in mathematics, for exposing discrimination, for exchanging strategies, encouraging political action and, affirmative action, for informing, supporting, honoring, and of course, for job listings (which first appeared in the February 1972 issue). It has been our key linkage with each other, with credit due largely to Mary and subsequent editors, Judy Roitman and Anne Leggett.

Many thanks to the editors of the newsletters for helping to make AWM the organization that it is.

  First Issue Edited Final Issue Edited
Mary Gray May 1971 (Volume 1, No. 1) January 1975 (Volume 5, No. 1)
Alice T. Schafer March 1975 (Volume 5, No. 2) May–June 1975 (Volume 5, No. 4)
Judith Roitman July–August 1975 (Volume 5, No. 5) July–August–September 1977 (Volume 7, No. 4)
Anne Leggett September–October 1977 (Volume 7, No. 5) Present Editor

The database is under construction by Associate Editor of the Newsletter Sarah J. Greenwald and will eventually contain titles, authors and other data for all back issues. This data is currently available for issues beginning in 2006 and is also available for Volume 1, No. 1 (1971).  Anyone can access recent issues as well as archival issues.  The archive is available thanks to a generous donation by Past President Jean Taylor.


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