Announcements and Calls for Nominations

Certain announcements and calls for nominations are listed a few times as representatives rather than the numerous issues they appear in.  

Here are a sampling of such entries:

  • 40 Years and Counting: 2011 is AWM's 40th Anniversary Year!
  • AWM Membership Dues 
  • AWM Workshop for Women Graduate Students and Recent Ph.D.'s at the Joint Mathematics Meeting
  • Call for Nominations: Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize
  • Call for Nominations: The Kovalevsky Prize Lecture 
  • Call for Nominations: Louise Hay Award 
  • Call for Nominations: M. Gweneth Humphreys Award 
  • Call for Nominations: The Noether Lecture 
  • Call for Suggestions of Candidates
  • Essay Contest: Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics 
  • NSF-AWM Mentoring Travel Grants for Women 
  • NSF-AWM Travel Grants for Women 
  • Ruth I. Michler Prize
  • Sonia Kovalevsky High School and Middle School Mathematics Days
  • Workshop Mentors Needed
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