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Anyone can access recent issues as well as archival issues.  The archive is available thanks to a generous donation by Past President Jean Taylor.  TOC data is currently available beginning with volume 36 (2006) and is also available for volume 1, no. 1 (1971). Certain announcements and calls for nominations are listed by year and volume rather than the numerous issues they appear in.  A few articles are listed with keywords and abstracts; we welcome keyword or abstract suggestions for others.

Volume Issue Number Issue Year Title Authors and Affiliations
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Meetings in Cooperation with AWM
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 AWM at the 2012 SIAM Annual Meeting Cammey Cole Manning, AWM Workshop Director and Meredith College
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 James Morrow Honored with Humphreys Award
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Amy Cohen Honored with Hay Award
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 AWM Participates in the 2012 USASEF Katherine Heller (North Central College), Tai Melcher (University of Virginia), Diana Mitrea (Procter & Gamble), and Irina Mitrea (Temple University)
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Student Chapter Column: A New Student Chapter at Purdue Nancy Hernandez Ceron, Lidia Mrad, Mariana Smit Vega Garcia, and Katia Vogt Geisse, Purdue University
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Book Review: In Service to Mathematics: The Life and Work of Mina Rees, Amy Shell-Gellasch, Docent Press, 2011 Reviewer: Linda Keen, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Book Note: American Women in Science Before the Civil War by Elizabeth W. Reed, PhD, 1992
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Media Column: Women Mathematicians on the Web, Part III: Wikipedia Margaret A.M. Murray,
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Education Column: Reflections on Teaching Mathematics Pat Kenschaft, Professor Emerita of Mathematics at Montclair State University and author of “Racial Equity Requires Teaching Elementary School Teachers More Mathematics” (available at
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 In Memoriam: Phoebe Leboy AWIS, June 2012
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Accomplishments: Flournoy Wins Eleventh Annual Norwood Award
42 5 Sep-Oct 2012 Opportunities: SAMSI Announces Its 2013-14 Programs
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 President's Report Jill Pipher, Brown University and ICERM
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Karen D. King Named 2012 Falconer Lecture
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 AWM Essay Contest
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Dr. Mythily Ramaswamy: Making a Difference, One Equation at a Time Gitanjali Lakshminarayanan, Vanguard High School, Ocala, FL
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 2011 Newsletter Thank-yous
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Education Column: The High Cost of Quantitative Illiteracy Mary E. Morley
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Media Column: Women Mathematicians on the Web, Part II: Finding the First Margaret A.M. Murray,
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Book Review: Professor Mommy: Finding Work-Family Balance in Academia, 2011 Reviewers: Della Dumbaugh,, and Hannah Fenster,
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Dedicated to Estelle: Teachers Do Make a Difference! Alan Sultan, Queens College
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Accomplishments
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 AWM Statement on Engage to Excel
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Opportunities
42 4 Jul-Aug 2012 Letters [AWM signatories]
42 3 May-Jun 2012 President's Report Jill Pipher, Brown University and ICERM
42 3 May-Jun 2012 Keyfitz Named AWM-SIAM Kovalevsky Lecturer
42 3 May-Jun 2012 Letter to the Editor Jackie Dewar, Loyola Marymount University and Patricia Hale, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
42 3 May-Jun 2012 The AWM Newsletter Archives Sarah J. Greenwald, Associate Editor